Missing in the Pages (Pirates Trilogy #1)


(Pirates Trilogy #1)

After years of success online, Missing in the Pages is finally be available for purchase on Amazon! Ashley Tropea’s novels have reached over 1.5 million reads worldwide, which started with this first installment in the Pirates Trilogy, an exciting and heartfelt story full of swashbuckling pirates, dangerous romance, and one girl’s quest to find her home.


All comments have been submitted by readers.

“It reads like a breath of fresh air. Missing in the Pages is able to grab you by the collar. The plot has everything you’d want. A strong female protagonist, complex characters, an intriguing turn of events, and so much more. The novel is able to take you on a trip, one you’d never want to end.”

“This is an AMAZING book and I’m going straight to read the next one. Thank you for writing such an eventful, enjoyable and INCREDIBLE book!”

“If you’re looking to fall in love with reading and action…this is the book for you. This novel isn’t just a romance. That only encompasses a brief taste of what this series has to offer. It has a flavour of all themes and a little something for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The author has a superb and clean writing style that isn’t hard to consume…It took me a total of 15 hours to read the book and let me tell you that it was sooooo worth it. The characters’ actions have consumed my state of mind and I have never loved an action book more than this…”

“This book is absolutely amazing. Read all 38 chapters in 1 day. I was hooked from the beginning to end…I am sooo mad at this cliffhanger but love the amazing details and thoroughness with which this story tells not only one story but that of the book it’s “based on.”