Searching in the Pages (Pirates Trilogy #2)


(Pirates Trilogy #2)

“Remember this wherever you go,” he said to me. “You are no one special to me. You are simply another enemy of Captain Caspian Rogers…Should our paths cross in the future, allow me to offer you this single piece of advice. Run.”

Praise for Searching in the Pages

All comments have been submitted by readers.

“Honestly, I’m amazed. Amazed at how many plot twists and changes in direction this book has taken. I’m in love and in desperation at what this book is taking me through. Just like the story, I have become immersed in this [book] and don’t know how I can come back out again. 200% recommend you to read.”

“This story line is absolutely captivating. There’s always a twist around every corner that I wasn’t expecting. You continue to thrill with the adventures. And melt my heart with every ship formed.”

“This second novel is as entertaining as the first one. This series has everything: fantasy, romance, adventure, friendship, everything worth reading in a book. The developing of the plot and the characters during the novel is fantastic and the touch of mystery keeps you addicted until the end. Marvelous.”

“Once again, incredible. The twists and turns were wonderful and there are still so many unanswered questions it’s dragging me right into the next book…”